Be kind selfie

Hi, I'm Angela 👋

I'm a mom of three girls and a wife to a talented hard working guy. They all tease me that I live in HappyLand but I'm cool with having a sunny disposition and outlook on life 🙂


What brings me joy:

  • vintage
  • thrifting
  • crafting
  • DIY
  • adding personality to everything
  • collecting junk
  • chippy paint
  • rusted metals
  • ugly retro stuff
  • fun shoes
  • footstools
  • making cinnamon buns
  • lipgloss
  • lipgloss
  • more lipgloss
  • … and so much more

The older I get, the more I’m learning how short our time is on earth and how important it is to live authentically.

Not too many years ago, I felt a little lost. I had spent the past decade taking care of my kids, meeting everyone else’s needs and leaving myself until last ~ pretty common stuff. But as the children got older, it really became clear how fast the time was going.

That saying is incredibly true; the days are long but the years are short.

Easy to see when you’re looking back, but in the thick of things when the kids are small and there’s breakfast and cleanup and laundry and lunch and cleanup and vacuuming and hopefully naps and supper prep and maybe a workout -drat, nope that didn’t happen- and finishing cooking and eating and cleanup and baths and stories and finally bed, there seems to be little time to think, let alone enjoy. In later years the baths and stories evolved into sports practice and homework, but the outcome still seemed unchanged.

All the days had become a blurry, mindless pattern, nothing remarkable, few things memorable, and very little joy 🙁

But then one day it changed.

As I sat with a coffee, ruminating on the day, I got a bit mad at the world.

“What is the point of life?!?”

To rush around, doing what we’re ‘supposed’ to be doing, day after day, until one day we die?!? Where’s the fun in that??

What’s the purpose of being a one-of-a-kind human being, the only one just like me in the whole entire world, if it doesn’t get expressed?!?

That question became its very own answer. Embrace what is unique about me and just roll with it. I realized that life doesn’t just happen to me, I get to choose and I decided that I wanted to be the best version of me to really feel the joy in every day.

“There is only one you. Let your you shine through.” became my new mantra. To confidently tackle home decor, fashion, DIY without regrets. Not afraid to try, not afraid to fail. I’ve always done these things to some extent, but now I was owning it.

I started to truly live a life authentically, so that at the end of it all I can look back with wondrous affection and think “Hell yeah, I really put my stamp on that.”

I love to help and teach and share, so that’s how this site came to be. It is a resource for DIY projects, decorating, fashion, handy tips, managing family, managing self, or maybe it’s just holding space for you to hang out for a while 🤗  Thanks for being here! 

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