There is only one you. So why would you want everything the same as everyone else?

Make it memorable, customize it with your personality, have fun with it! This is how you enjoy your days instead of them blurring together in a boring haze. Take charge of your time here.

I show you how to see things differently, how to own your you and create an extraordinary ordinary life.

Home decor, what you wear, what you say… you get to put your own stamp on it all. Join me!


Make things pretty, add fashion to function, use what you have to make what you need... if it's crafty or creative you'll find it here.

Personal Development

Your thoughts have more power than you might have known; so much of your experience depends on how you see it. Master your mind and love your life.

Angela Morrison

ambassador for authentic living

Inspiring you to live authentically.

DIY your decor, style and mindset to express yourself confidently, reflect the best version of you, and create a genuine joy-filled life.

Oh, and have fun doing it.

~ Anj

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Living authentically sets you free from the dull haze of  ‘just existing.’

It skyrockets your joy, makes life richer and more fulfilling, and creates an epically memorable journey out of ordinary experiences.  

It doesn’t have to be huge earth-shattering mind-blowing stuff, either; tiny tweaks make an incredible difference.

Switch out your daily ‘trendy’ coffee mug to something that brings you a genuine smile every morning (it can be one from your childhood that you swiped from your parent’s house,) add some bling to a boring picture frame, watch that non-Top-10 Netflix show because you’ve always been intrigued by the topic… the whole point is to pause and evaluate – does this thing I have or thing I’m doing really embody ME?

Pretty much everything can be customized to express your personality and style – home decor, fashion, even your thoughts, so there’s no need to settle for same-y or copy “the norm.”

Embrace what makes you unique to create an authentic expression of yourself and a truly one-of-a-kind life.


Keys to living an authentic life:

Discover all that makes you unique, and then have the confidence to let it spill out into all areas of your life.
Work through mindset blocks - empowering you to live fully and intentionally.
Personalize your home decor, no boring cookie cutter decorating. Yes, you can use power tools 👍
Modify your clothing and accessories to fit your style and your body - shop at thrift stores without fear and wear what you want without relying on what's available in 'new' stores.
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