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Here are some essentials in my life, you might love them as much as I do!

Echo (4th Gen) | With premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa | Charcoal

Echo Dot | With premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa | Charcoal (click to shop on Amazon)

This is the handiest gadget if you have kids, or like to bark commands at someone who will listen 😉 You can set bedtime routines for music on, lights off, etc., ask her to play songs while you’re cooking, TONS of things.

The sound is awesome for such a small speaker (the Sharpie beside it is for size reference).

Each of my kids has one, and there’s one in the kitchen too.

Pro tip: give it a nickname so that it won’t wake up when you’re talking about it. We nicknamed ours Dot.

They seem to go on super sale a few times a year so if you’re not in a hurry keep checking back. Amazon Prime Days (summer), President’s Day (around Valentines) and of course Black Friday are some I’ve seen for sure. Often 50% off 🤩. I think mine is 4th Gen and there are newer versions with apparently even better sound.

The most perfect lip gloss ever created 😍 If you’re as obsessed as I am, I strongly suggest giving this kind a whirl. They’re at Bath & Body Works as well, and tend to change with the seasons. They’ve got a hint of mint for some tingle, and are thick enough to stick on for a while. Some are tint with shine, some have sparkle for extra fun.

An integral part of an authentic children’s bedtime routine, this book was a staple when my kidlets were young. It’s a classic! Great for your own kids or grandkids, but also makes a wonderful new-baby gift.

Fashion meets function – Miz Mooz is one of my favorite brands of shoes; they’re cute and actually comfortable. I have these boots in a mossy green (yeah, I got them at a thrift store! On my birthday, my size, in my fave colour, and half price! If that’s not a gift from the Universe, I don’t know what is 😆 But you might want to grab some from Amazon lol)

I’ve tried many glues for strip lashes and keep coming back to this one. It stays for a good week (sometimes the ends require a touch-up to keep everything perfect).

One might think wearing falsies is inauthentic, but I think not wanting to look like a sleepy naked mole rat is totally fine, and authentic because I own that fact. 😁

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